Performance Branding

Performance Branding Makes An Authentic
Brand That People Love, Use, & Share
Building A Moat Around Your Business

I help disruptive DTC, and B2B startups and VC funded companies to develop an effective "Performance Branding" playbook that generates scalable and efficient user growth, engagement, & revenue

Brand Positioning

Your brand, messaging, and efficient growth marketing is the difference between success and failure, but is often overlooked, poorly resourced, or just mismanaged.
Build a nationally recognized, category-leading brand that people love, use, and share with a brand positioning & value proposition that is ownable, differentiating, and amazingly compelling.

Inspiring Messaging

Craft motivating and memorable advertising messaging that speaks to and connects with your target personas, and that converts them into engaged brand advocates and loyal customers.
Produce, author and implement the messaging that interrupts and makes people engage, remember your brand, and take action.

Strategic Tactics

Get your brand, narrative, growth and revenue unstuck - and leave your competition scrambling.
Create Paid online and offline Owned and Earned DTC & B2B media plans, marketing tactics, and creative advertising that leverage your messaging and target personas by reaching the right audience at the right time, with the right media.

Efficient Growth

Leverage the difference that 20,000+ hours of real brand, marketing, & media experience with pattern recognition can mean for your business.
Develop efficient and measurable strategic marketing, performance data, and consumer insights that allow you to scale and generate revenue as well as model acquisition to an agreed CPA, CAC, and LTV.

Position Your Brand
For Efficient Growth

Powerfully Position Your Brand, Create Authentic Messaging,
Scale Efficiently, & Make A Brand People Love.

Getting Lucky or assuming you can figure it out is not a business strategy.
I put the right message, tactics and creative pieces together and exponentially increase new users
and revenue through a mix of Paid, Owned, and Earned performance branding tactics that work.

Marc Karasu is a DTC & B2B startup marketing, performance branding, media, acquisition & growth expert

Transformational performance branding and growth marketing

 For disruptive startups and high growth companies 

Make Your Marketing Work Harder.
Stand Out From The Crowd.

Create a strategic, compelling brand story, messaging, and motivating advertising
that people enjoy and remember.

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Performance Branding - User Acquisition - Media - Paid, Owned & Earned Advertising

Building an authentic brand that people care about
matters more than ever.

Don't make the false choice between spending on brand marketing or performance marketing or fall into the trap of treating marketing
like an afterthought, relegated to inexperienced people.

Becoming a category leader and a premiere brand is more than a new logo or buying FB ads.

My 'Performance Branding' strategy and playbook as well as pattern recognition, connections and expertise gets your business, brand, growth, and revenue unstuck. I apply measurable, scalable,
efficient and proven DTC or B2B marketing tactics that
generate transformational growth.

The best companies in today's hyper-competitive and largely equalized marketing landscape understand that the difference between success and failure is investing in a combination of innovative media, compelling messaging, and interruptive creative that
together create a brand that people love.

Get your marketing unstuck and make a brand people love, use and share.

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