Brands Worked On

Start-ups to Large Companies

The logos below represents some of the brands I have worked on over more than 20 years as an advertising agency employee, client side marketing executive, consultant and digital entrepreneur.

Many of these companies understood the importance of building a great brand and the effectiveness of compelling advertising and media.  More importantly, they embraced big ideas, new perspectives, and taking risks.

I try and only takes roles or marketing projects that are interesting, challenging and fun.  I am selective about projects I take.  I choose to work with companies that are a good fit in both chemistry and vision, and that value hard work and innovation. Also important is the realistic connection between resources and budgets to timeframes and business objectives.

Usually “overnight successes” are really a lot of hard work, over time, by many people.

If you feel you have a brand, media or digital role or project that might be a good mutual fit please contact me to see if I can help you meet your marketing objectives and goals.

Let’s get started and make brands.

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