Smart Startup Marketing Playbook For Branding & User Acquisition

By: mak

March 22nd, 2018

These days with endless new startup marketing books and online classes almost anyone can get a sense of the marketing playbook they should use and get a feel for the tactics to build a brand and increase new users.

I am not saying that my startup marketing playbook is the best, or that others don’t have good ideas – just that this is what has worked repeatedly for me in being part of and leading startup marketing teams building several well-known and loved startup and high-growth brands.

In no particular order – because you have to do them all – here is my startup marketing playbook:

Now, of course, the real challenge here  – besides reading what to do – is how to actually do it.  And do it with minimal waste of time or money.

If you are interested in leveraging my tens of thousands of hours of experience to build an effective and startup marketing playbook, let’s have a conversation.

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