Marketing Playbook

Marketing Is The Difference Maker

Startup Marketing

How do we make a brand people love and efficiently increase new user growth?

How do we become a category leader and efficiently scale?

How do we professionalize the marketing team and better integrate them?

How do we think about CPA, LTV, metrics, and attribution to modeling?

How do we navigate the board or investors to create growth to fit the model?

How do we get more for our money in Paid performance advertising?

How do we think about, plan and buy media efficiently?

How do we produce compelling, interruptive and memorable advertising?

How do we build a scalable and differentiating Earned marketing program?

How do we build a scaleable and thought leader Owned marketing program?

How do we increase sales leads and revenue from marketing investment?

How do we turn brand awareness into referrals and revenue?

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The Make Brands Marketing Playbook

Professionalize Marketing Departments

Hire, nurture and manage marketing teams across Paid, Owned, Earned and Product Marketing and increase process, collaboration and communication across departments while working with Product, Technology and Sales teams.

Brand Architecture

Define a brand’s category opportunity, language and look and translate into sales pitches, messaging and marketing.

Brand Positioning

Create an emotional ‘sweet spot’ for a brand that is ownable, defendable, compelling and interruptive that allows you to connect with potential customers and convert into users, while building national brand awareness.

Value Proposition

Create a compelling value proposition from the brand positioning that clearly articulates your brand’s attributes, allowing you to build consumer and sales messaging and advertising.

Tagline Development

Translate the value proposition into a powerful tagline that captures the imagination of prospects and customers, builds awareness and generates a brand story.

Creative Development Of Offline Advertising

Create messaging from user insights leading to the development of memorable and compelling offline advertising that is built around the brand and that breaks through everyday noise and clutter.

Digital Performance Marketing

Produce targeted and measurable digital marketing that is optimized against a specific CPA and LTV to help efficiently increase acquisition growth and revenue.

Offline Media Strategy and Buying

Where and how to buy offline media, at what levels, and how to target buys, produce advertising and measure success.

Online and Mobile Media Strategy and Buying

Where and how to buy online and mobile advertising in a fast paced and changing landscape that is tailored to the right target audience and how to track ROI for those buys.

Website Design and Navigation

How to build better UX (user experience) to increase time on site, conversions and engagement while building brand awareness and sales.

Search Engine Marketing

How to efficiently buy search engine keywords on Google and other search sites that capture prospects and send them to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization and creation of original content using white hat techniques to maximize indexing by Google and major search engines that improve organic search ranking and increase organic users.

Social Media

Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap and other emerging social media to build brand, conversion and sharing, leading to increased awareness, credibility, new user growth and revenue.

Owned Marketing

Develop low-cost Owned original written and video content programs that build original content, online reputation and credibility, leading to more recommendations, new users and revenue.

Email Marketing

Develop an email and CRM program that welcomes new users, nurtures them and increases engagement, referrals, and brand awareness.

Earned Marketing

Create and leverage Earned marketing communications and PR to proactively increase thought leadership, organic brand awareness, new users and revenue.

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